Rapid Ideation & Prototyping

A remote, online, 4 day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. Compress months of work into a few days!

Rapid Ideation & Prototyping

A remote, online, 4 day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. Compress months of work into a few days!

4 day sprint structure
Day 1

Define the challenge

Produce a mass of solutions


Curate and vote on best solutions

Define prototype with a storyboard


Design and build prototype

Recruit and schedule testers


Test the prototype with real users

Use feedback from testing to create next steps

Test drive the design sprint process with a free one hour lightening decision workshop.

Rapid Ideation - Design Sprint

The Design Sprint

Whenever you and your team need to get together to; identify challenges, solve problems and make decisions about your marketing, products, website, software, how often do frustrations, arguments and a lack of action dominate those meetings?

Do you often encounter:
  • Miscommunication causing busy work and overtime
  • Unstructured meetings leaving everyone tired, confused and without clear outcomes
  • Frustration building due to internal challenges with productivity that never get addressed
  • Sudden and unexpected changes in priorities leading to a loss of focus and momentum
  • Muddled compromises that replace clear decision making

A design sprint replaces all open discussion and brainstorming with a structured process leading to more ideas, clearer decisions and better outcomes. This framework reduces production time, brings diverse opinions together, enabling you to verify assumptions fast and act accordingly.

The design sprint follows some simple but powerful principles:

Getting started is more important than being right

Rather than endless discussions about finding the holy grail of one. “perfect’ solution, embrace an action oriented and experimental mindset to make progress quickly.

Work together, alone!

Instead of working in an open forum, where the loudest voices are the only ones heard, we create an environment where everybody can contribute ideas without discussion or debate. Working alone but aligned on a common goal.

Don’t rely on creativity

Good ideas can come from anywhere and at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be creative or not, the design sprint process will help everyone to contribute ideas anonymously, where they can be evaluated for what they are, not by who said it.

Tangible overrides abstract

When you describe an idea to someone, everyone will have a completely different bias and interpretation of what you are communicating. This can lead to confusion. Presenting ideas in a tangible way, through sketching or comparable examples aligns everyones perception of the idea.

"We engaged with Crunch as an external supplier to join our internal software development team in the advancement of our Energy Management Software C3NTINEL. Crunch quickly established a process for mapping out the human interaction and user goals of the software which included team workshops, process visions, wire framing and creative design. Our relationship with Crunch has grown over the last 8 years and we consider them part of our team. They have a very good understanding of our brand, product and customers and we regularly engage with their ‘Design Thinking’ processes to approach new product functionality and methods of communicating with our customer’s. The service provided is cost effective and gives us the flexibility we need, with access to their specialist skill and knowledge on demand, without having to employ somebody full time."