Mountfield Lawnmowers

Mountfield lawnmowers is an iconic UK brand that has been keeping the nation’s lawns looking tip-top since 1962.

Mountfield lawnmowers have become part of family life for many of their customers, who have used the iconic red mowers for generations and loved for their reliability, performance and friendly customer service. It’s a relationship Mountfield are proud of and it’s built on confidence, honesty and trust. But there’s even more to the Mountfield story, and it helps to explain why they’ve been a leading UK brand for approaching 60 years.

Mountfield are at the forefront of lawnmower innovation and style, which is why their extensive range has all lawns and lifestyles covered.

Mountfield Advertising
Mountfield Packaging Design
Mountfield Product Brochure Design


We have been working with Mountfield since 2012. Providing the in-house marketing team with design across; advertising, product brochures, exhibitons, direct marketing and packaging.

 In 2018, we undertook a brand evaluation and positioning exercise to develop a new proposition and look for the Mountfield brand. The results of the brand planning workshops defined the new design direction from ‘Your garden, your life’ to a new focussed proposition of ‘Your lawn, your way’. This proposition considered a new generation of customer that views their garden’s as an extension of their living area. We understand that lawn’s are used as; outdoor working spaces, somewhere you can play games, relax and spend time together as a family.

‘Your lawn, your way’, provided the framework to promote the Mountfield brand in lifestyle publications as opposed to traditional gardening based magazines and online platforms. Adapting the proposition to fit these publications allowed the marketing campaign to appeal to peoples individual interests; ‘My lawn, my office’ for business publications, ‘My lawn, my wicket’, ‘My lawn, my gym’ and ‘My lawn, my festival’, to name a few.

Bespoke photography was commissioned to bring the campaign to life, moving Mountfield away from traditional garden scenes to lifestyle images that endorsed the individual propositions.

Mountfield Advertising Strategy