31 January 2021

A year in design – January Poster a Day


• Design a poster a day
• Based on the daily stoic book
• January reflects ‘Clarity’

To keep our creative muscles flexed, we have embarked on creating a poster a day for a year based on the book ‘The Daily Stoic’.

The year long project aims to interpret the daily message from the daily stoic book, written by Ryan Holiday, through an original and spontaneous poster a day design. Without overthinking or planning the design, the aim is to react instinctively and immediately start working. Whether the design takes 5 minutes or 2 hours the poster is created and published as a collection every month for the rest of the year.

Stoic poster design - day 1
Day 01 – Jan 1

“Focus on making clear what parts of our day are within our control and what parts of our day are within our control and what parts are not, we will be happier and have a distinct advantage”. Daily Stoic – Design duration 35m

Stoic poster design - day 2
Day 02 – Jan 2

“What is the fruit of these teachings? Only the most beautiful and proper harvest of the truly educated – tranquility, fearlessness, and freedom.” Epictetus – Design duration 2hrs 45m

Stoic poster design - day 3
Day 03 – Jan 3

“The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 1hr 47m

Stoic poster design - day 4
Day 04 – Jan 4

“All you need are these: certainty of judgment, action for the common good and an attitude of gratitude to anything that comes your way.” Marcus Aurelius – Design duration 2hrs 02m

Stoic poster design - day 5
Day 05 – Jan 5

“Let all your efforts be directed to something, let it keep that end in view.” Seneca – Design duration 34m

Stoic poster design - day 6
Day 06 – Jan 6

“Have you taken the time to get clarity about who you are and what you stand for? Or are you too busy chasing unimportant things?” Daily Stoic – Design duration 22m

Stoic poster design - day 7
Day 07 – Jan 7

“The proper work of the mind is the exercise of choice, refusal, yearning, repulsion, preparation, purpose and ascent.” Epictetus – Design duration 49m

Stoic poster design - day 8
Day 08 – Jan 8

“We must give up many things to which we are addicted, considering them to be good.” Seneca – Design duration 1hr 11m

Stoic poster design - day 9
Day 09 – Jan 9

“You may not be able to control the situation, but you can control what you think about it.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 1hr 52m

Stoic poster design - day 10
Day 10 – Jan 10

“Our reason and judgement can take the crooked, confusing and overwhelming nature of external events and make them orderly.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 41m

Stoic poster design - day 11
Day 11 – Jan 11

“If a person shifts their caution to their own reasoned choices and the acts of those choices, they will at the same time gain the will to avoid .” Epictetus – Design duration 37m

Stoic poster design - day 12
Day 12 – Jan 12

“Remind yourself of what is in your control and what’s not in your control. Remind yourself to focus on the former and not the latter.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 2hrs 47m

Stoic poster design - day 13
Day 13 – Jan 13

“According to the Stoics, the circle of control contains just one thing; YOUR MIND.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 22m

Stoic poster design - day 14
Day 14 – Jan 14

“Man is pushed by drives but bulled by vales” Victor Frankl. These values and inner awareness prevent us from being puppets.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 1hr 57m

Stoic poster design - day 15
Day 15 – Jan 15

“In Seneca’s essay on tranquility, he uses the Greek word ‘Euthymia’ which he defines as, believing in yourself and trusting you are on the right path.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 1h 03m

Stoic poster design - day 16
Day 16 – Jan 16

“Find what you do out of memory or routine. Ask yourself; is this really the best way to do it? Know why you do what you do.” Daily Stoic – Design duration 2hrs 23m

Stoic poster design - day 17
Day 17 – Jan 17

“Just begin the work and the rest will follow.'” Daily Stoic. Design duration 2h 07m

Stoic poster design - day 18
Day 18 – Jan 18

“There are some stunningly beautiful turns of phrase in Marcus’s Meditations–a surprising treat considering the intended audience (just himself).” Daily Stoic. Design duration 26m

Stoic poster design - day 19
Day 19 – Jan 19

“In all circumstances–adversity or advantage–we really have just one thing we need to do: focus on what is in our control as opposed to what is not.” Daily Stoic. Design duration 26m

Stoic poster design - day 20
Day 20 – Jan 20

“It’s possible to start living again! See things anew as you once did–that is how to restart life.” Marcus Aurelius. Design duration 43m

Stoic poster design - day 21
Day 21 – Jan 21

“The point is not so much the activity itself as it is the ritualised reflection. The idea is to take some time to look inward and examine.” Daily Stoic. Design duration 59m

Stoic poster design - day 22
Day 22 – Jan 22

“Take time to recall the events of the day. Be unflinching in your assessments. By recording such thoughts, your less likely to forget them.” Daily Stoic. Design duration 35m

Stoic poster design - day 23
Day 23 – Jan 23

“Money doesn’t solve the problems that people without it assume it will. In fact, no material possession will. External things can’t fix internal issues.” Daily Stoic. Design 1h 58m

Stoic poster design - day 24
Day 24 – Jan 24

“Paul Johnson once joked the Edmunch Wilson read books ‘as though the author was on trial for his life’. That’s how Marcus read Epictetus.” Daily Stoic. Design 37m

Stoic poster design - day 25
Day 25 – Jan 25

“The more things we desire and the more we have to do to earn or attain those achievements, the less we actually enjoy our lives – and the less free we are.” Daily Stoic. Design 22m

Stoic poster design - day 26
Day 26 – Jan 26

“Erase the false impressions from your mind by constantly saying to yourself, I have it in my soul to keep out any evil, desire or any kind of disturbance.” Marcus Aurelius. Design 58m

Stoic poster design - day 27
Day 27 – Jan 27

“There are three areas in which the person who would be wise must be trained. Desires, motivations and finally freedom from deception in our judgements of events.” Design 43m

Stoic poster design - day 28
Day 28 – Jan 28

“Seneca has said,”without a ruler to do it against, you can’t make crooked straight.” That is the role of wise people in our lives–to serve as model and inspiration.” Daily Stoic. Design 43m

Stoic poster design - day 29
Day 29 – Jan 29

“Each day presents the chance to overthink things. Today focus just on what’s in front of us. Find clarity in the simplicity of doing your job today.” Daily Stoic. Design 1h 54m

Stoic poster design - day 30
Day 30 – Jan 30

“If you wish to improve, be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters.” Epictetus. Design 1h 17m.

Stoic poster design - day 31
Day 31 – Jan 31

“Stoicism is designed to be medicine for the soul. It relieves us of the vulnerabilities of modern life.” Daily Stoic. Design 2h 28m.